I’M TONI HENDERSON owner of the Art Dept., a Graphic Design Studio located in Santa Cruz, California. My career in graphic design was born out of a need to advertise my own fine art when in my twenties. In the beginning it was a world of artboards, Prismacolor® pencils, Rapidograph® pens, Letraset® transfer type, Amberlith®, and fluid-embibed erasers. Oh, and let’s not forget about wax and waxers – a great way for a stick up where nobody gets hurt.

SINCE 1983 THE ART DEPT. has been fortunate to work alongside many wonderful and talented artists, typographers, photographers and printers. The diversity of its clientele has rewarded me with a greater capacity for tackling a variety of applications for graphic design, the ultimate visual communicator. Each project is different and brings with it it’s own set of requirements and considerations be it book design, the look and feel of a pair of binoculars or an online presence. In the end, all projects have one thing in common and that is the FEEL GOOD FACTOR. The potential of Graphic Design to produce desired results and to be an inspiration is something I rely on. It’s a liberating and powerful way to send a message and a very handy implement to have in your virtual toolbox.

SKILLS, DETAILS and COMMUNICATION  I am fully versed in Adobe Creative Suite having learned the ropes in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign through all their iterations as far back as Ragemaker. Time management and the ever present need to meet deadlines requires being highly organized, paying close attention to detail, and working as a team player with a diverse group of people and personalities. I handle constructive criticism well which makes for a smooth ride. Excellent communication (both written and verbal) and a pro-active attitude is how things get done.

THE ART DEPT. THRIVES ON WIN-WIN COLLABORATIONS and so do I. Knowledge of the competitive environment, combined with an enthusiasm and natural curiosity where possibilities abound, plus the added commitment to exceeding customer expectations creates the best-of-all scenarios – one where everyone wins. While we operate in a large globalized business community where the potential for growth is enormous, conventional wisdom reminds us that we do indeed still live in a ‘small world’ where word gets around. That’s a good thing, actually a great thing for those of us who aspire to and see win-win collaborations as the wave of our futures.