How can I know what to expect?

When you purchase graphic design, you are buying both materials and a process. The materials are straightforward in that we can both review them in tangible form and agree on the specifics of what’s involved. The process is also straightforward to the extent that it involves a sequence of events. I will come up with a rough draft, and when the right design is achieved in this preliminary form you will approve it. You can be assured that I have not invested a lot of time in a design until I’ve heard from you that I’m headed in the right direction.

What files do I own? What do you own? What do I get and when?

You will own all of the files required to publish the project we worked on together once the job has been paid for in full. At that point you will receive all files necessary to republish that particular project to include all necessary links, the original layout document, and a press ready PDF file. The Art Dept. owns all of the files needed to create your project.

How much is this going to cost?

First we suggest you navigate to our General Pricing Estimates. You’ll see price ranges for several types of projects. The lowest price is our minimum. The higher price is calculated by averaging the bulk of our more in depth and extensive projects of that type. Because each project is a custom job there will be, by necessity, variations in the overall price.

When do I pay?

A 50% deposit of the estimated artwork fee is required to commence work. The balance of the artwork fee is due upon the artwork’s completion. The total artwork expense includes the design fee (concept), the actual production costs (copy writing, illustration, photography, layout, etc.) required to turn the concept into final form, the charges for materials involved in completing the artwork (proofs, photographic materials, electronic media/storage, etc), and any travel/communication/messenger related expenses. A 50% deposit for printing is required to begin the printing process. The balance of the printing costs are due when the final product is delivered.