SINCE EARLY CHILDHOOD I’ve loved playing with imagery, textures and spacial arrangements. It didn’t hurt that both of my parents were very independent creative souls. My father was a gifted photographer who flew himself back and forth across the United States eight months out of the year in his Cessna 195 photographing families and selling art. My mother designed her own clothes, jewelry and basically made magic out of everything she touched. Much to her dismay, I was given a Barbie doll for my tenth birthday. Once she discovered that I wasn’t at all interested in Barbie’s clothing nor her companions, she helped me gather the stuff I needed to find myself lost in the building of her apartment. It has been said that the best toy for a small child is a cardboard box. That was true for me. Between one large box, tile and fabric samples, and the cutting and pasting up of packages that went into her kitchen cupboards (Quaker Oatmeal being the first), I do believe my taste for all things graphic put me on course for a career in Graphic Design way before I ever thought about making a living.

WHEN I’M NOT DESIGNING SOMETHING you can find me playing saxophone, piano, tennis, or rooting around in the garden learning about landscaping and permaculture. Although horseless since 2011, it was my daily routine and creature comfort since I was 11 years old. I love to cook and routinely experiment in the kitchen. I consider all of these activities my meditation, my way to be in the moment to deepen my connection to spirit and the world at large.

SINCE JANUARY OF 2014 I have hosted house concerts for professional musicians with all the proceeds going directly to the artists.