ALL PRINTED AND ELECTRONIC MATERIALS  used to sell your product or service make up your marketing collateral; brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, advertisements, packaging, annual reports and so on. These communications are what your existing and prospective customers see, therefore they need to stay fresh and relevant in order for you to remain competitive. Well done, these materials ensure your company’s growth and success. Maintaining a cohesive look throughout all your collateral makes it easy for customers to identify your brand. Doing what it takes to ensure your look will stand the test of time will prove to be one of your best marketing investments.

COLLATERAL MATERIAL  is one of three basic components which all together make up a business identity; 1) Logo, 2) Branding, and 3) Collateral Material. By using an iceberg as a metaphor, it’s easy to see how these three parts work with one another as a whole. At first sight, the predominant feature is the tip of the iceberg, THINK LOGO. What’s underneath is much larger, hidden from view and potential power, THINK BRANDING. To successfully navigate the berg, THINK COLLATERAL.